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Welcome to IPOLHYS Online Library, a research resource collecting a list of publications related to various aspects of polarization.

This list was collected by bringing together the project list of references and a bibliographical search on Google Scholar, Scopus and VOX-Pol’s Online Library conducted through a list of keywords [divisivo, divisiva, extremism AND (polarisation OR polarization), partisanship AND (polarization OR polarisation), polarization, polarisation, polarized, polarised, polarising, polarizing, polarizzato, polarizzata, polarizzante, polarizzazione, radicalization AND (polarization OR polarisation)].

The Online Library includes references in APA style and a link pointing at the publication, if available. It is also through an alphabetic index of keywords.

We will continue to add references to the Online Library as it becomes available with the aim of making it as comprehensive as possible in this field of studies.

If you have any publications you think may belong in the Library—whether your own or other authors—please contact us at and we will consider adding it to the Library.

The publication of the IPOLHYS online library is the result of a collaboration between all the coordinators of the research units involved in the project. The implementation of the Online Library was coordinated by Prof. Laura Iannelli (University of Sassari) and entrusted to Dr. Giada Marino (University of Sassari).

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