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In this section of the website, you can browse the I-POLHYS “Talks” – interviews with international scholars that examine definitions, research methods and implications of the different polarization dynamics investigated in our project as well as the possible solutions that citizens, journalists and political and economic elites are called to adopt in the face of the processes of political polarization.
By referencing to various practical examples and scientific studies, the Talks are one of the ways in which I-POLHYS tries to intercept the interest of scholars, media professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs, citizens, and anyone – inside and outside the academia – who cares about understanding better what political polarization is and what role the media play in polarization processes.

The I-POLHYS Talks are accessible through the videos of the interviews, the complete transcriptions of the interviews in English and their translations in Italian.

The online publication of the Talks is the result of a collaboration between all the coordinators of the research units involved in the project. The implementation of the interviews was coordinated by Prof. Elena Pavan (University of Trento). Interviews were carried out by Dr. Olivia Burchietti (University of Trento).