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In this section you can access and explore two dashboards displaying a part of the data from 2020 I-POLHYS national longitudinal survey.

The survey was administered to a representative sample of Italian internet users in 3 different moments: 

  1. at the end the first national lockdown in 2020 (May 18 – 28, 2020);
  2. at the end of the summer of 2020, during the second phase of restrictive measures easing (August 31 – September 13, 2020);
  3. during the second wave of the virus spread (December 2 – 20, 2020).

Respondents participating in all the three waves were 1204 with a final retention rate of 77%.

To explore in depth the survey methodology click here.

The survey was coordinated by Professor Augusto Valeriani, University of Bologna.

The online publication of these dashboards is the result of a collaboration between all the coordinators of the research units involved in the I-POLHYS project. The implementation of the dashboards was coordinated by Prof. Laura Iannelli (University of Sassari) and carried out by Dr. Giada Marino (University of Sassari).

Please, cite the dashboards as: 

I-POLHYS Team (2022). I-POLHYS Dashboards. Data of the 2020 National Survey. Retrieved from https://www.ipolhys.it/en/dashboards/

Demographics and Political Attitudes

  1. Demographics
  2. Ideological Positions, Satisfaction with Democracy, and Interest in Politics
  3. Attitudes toward Controversial Issues 1/2
  4. Attitudes toward Controversial Issues 2/2
  5. Trust in Institutions & Public Actors 1/2
  6. Trust in Institutions & Public Actors 2/2
  7. Feelings about Political Parties
  8. Feelings about Parties’ Voters

Media Consumption and Participatory Behaviors

  1. News Consumption through Legacy Media
  2. News Consumption through Social Media and Instant Messaging Platforms
  3. Trust in Media Actors
  4. Covid-19 Knowledge and Perception of Infodemia in the Media
  5. Experience of Incivility in Diverse Media
  6. Discussing Politics in Different Communication Contexts
  7. Offline and Digital Activism