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Antonio Martella is a tenure-track researcher at the Department of Cultures, Policies and Society of the University of Turin where he deals with journalism and artificial intelligence. Previously he was research fellow at the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento where he mainly dealt with the polarization of the elites in public discourse. He is a member of the MediaLaB, Big Data in Social and Political Research Laboratory of the University of Pisa. He has a PhD in Political Science that he gained at the Department of Political Science Department of the University of Pisa defending a thesis titled “Populism as communication style: Italian political leaders in social media”a, and a postgraduate master in Big Data & Social Mining (Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa). His research interests focus on leaders, political polarization, populism, and political communication on social media, which he investigates mainly through big data and statistical analysis.