The hybrid journalism that we do not recognize (anymore)

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Journalism and Media | An Open Access Journal from MDPIIn the past 20 years, the world of journalism has been swept by a wave of structural, institutional, and technological changes that have shaped the journalism that we experience today. Following conceptualization of hybrid media, the term ‘hybrid journalism’ has been used to define what journalism has become. Many scholars have subjected this label to scrutiny; they consider hybridity to be a vague term that requires a more precise conceptualization. In this paper, we propose that what to date has been called ’hybrid journalism’ has moved from the periphery to the center of the field. Adopting a communicative ecology perspective, we highlight that the changes due to technologies, which too often are regarded as merely disrupting the journalistic field, have now become established and are accepted as core components of the work of journalists today. This reconstruction work is mainly discursive and is explained by considering journalism as a discursive institution. We then explain the implications of studying journalism with acknowledgment that hybrid forms of journalism that are central in the field are hybrid.

Splendore, S., & Brambilla, M. (2021). The Hybrid Journalism That We Do Not Recognize (Anymore). Journalism and Media, 2(1), 51-61.